1 day tour discover Hang Thung - Dang Dai - Oyster farming

1 day tour discover Hang Thung - Dang Dai - Oyster farming

If you are a lover of the wild and majestic nature and want to conquer them by yourself, the type of hiking combined with motorbike is the best way to satisfy your passion. In today's article, we will suggest 3 extremely attractive destinations that only need to be spent in 1 day, you can discover all the interesting hidden inside them with the form of tourism mentioned above. More interestingly, two of these three destinations are located in Gia Luan commune (a commune located in the north of Cat Ba island, in Cat Hai district) with unique tourism potential.

Departing from the center of Cat Ba town, traveling by motorbike about 20km along the forest roads through Cat Ba National Park will reach Gia Luan commune. From this starting point, a charming landscape picture will appear before your eyes with majestic mountains and extremely rich vegetation. Not only that, this road also brings you many interesting things and mysteries of a semi-mountainous region. The extremely fresh atmosphere here is also something unique that is not easy to find in a bustling city.


1. The Perforation Cave.

After reaching Gia Luan commune, you will begin your hiking journey in the middle of the wild forest to your first destination, Hang Thung. Hang Thung is often called by the people here by the name Tung Set cave. The cave is located at an altitude of about 100m above sea level. From the beginning to the end of the puncture cave, the angle is about 40 degrees. The highest place of the cave ceiling is about 20m, the widest place in the cave is 12m. The reason is called Hang Thung because the whole structure of the cave follows the form of a hole going up. The top "perforated" mouth of the cave is the place where you can stand and gaze out into the distance to see the majestic natural scenery around.

A very special thing in Hang Thung that makes people ecstatic is its unspoiled beauty that is still intact. Because here, tourism activities have not been put into operation. On the way to the foot of Thung Cave, there are many types of terrain for hikers to freely experience: dirt roads, forest roads, huge obstacles are boulders or dangerous obstacles are rocks. sharp cat ears. For hikers, there is nothing more interesting than dodging through the foliage, following the bumpy roads and trying hard to overcome the horizontal rocks. All will make your journey more interesting and challenging.

Not only that, in some sections of the road, you also have the opportunity to go through the vast green cassava gardens that attract the eye or the fruit gardens of the people. With all those experiences, your senses and love of nature will be awakened by the intuition you experience along the way.


2. Ang Dai

The second most interesting destination is a hidden valley with an ancient village named Ang Dai in Gia Luan commune. Similar to Hang Dung, this place is only known by locals, and currently, tourism activities have not reached this place.

In the 40s and 50s of the last century, Ang Dai village was still inhabited, but only about a dozen households. Surrounding the village is a primeval forest with rich vegetation, even with many rare herbs. However, due to difficult living conditions and rugged terrain, the people of Ang Dai village can only take farming as their livelihood.

When the government started to redistribute the boundaries of some communes of Cat Hai island district, the people of Ang Dai village made a migration to another area to live. And now, Ang Dai is just an old village with remnants of thatched houses, a foundation of an old primary school, many abandoned rice fields, but the villagers in Gia Luan Commune still turn around, back to farming for the day.

A journey in Ang Dai valley is a challenging experience. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wild forest with extremely rich flora and fauna. This is also an opportunity for "biologists" to add to their knowledge base loads of interesting things from a place with such high biodiversity. In addition, to reach the site of the ancient temple in Ang Dai village, hikers also have to climb over a mountainside with many trees. What an unforgettable experience, right?


3. Milk oyster farm

After two journeys of discovery inside the forests, let's visit the sea to experience the immense values ​​that the ocean has bestowed on people: not only through the beauty of the eyes but also the benefits from the ocean. The seafood is huge. Thanks to the endowed nature, this place is full of natural advantages for seafood farming. A visit to one of the two milk oyster farms in Xuan Dam or Tran Chau (in Cat Hai island district) will help you understand that.

You will get to see firsthand the growth environment of the milk oysters that you usually only see on the dinner table as well as how they cling to the growing medium. Besides, oyster farmers are also not afraid to share the knowledge they know if you are interested in the technical process of milk oyster farming. As the best dairy oyster farming areas in Cat Ba area, the milk oysters here fully meet the criteria for a clean farming area as well as the growing medium of oysters are made of natural materials.


On the clear blue sea lapping with waves, these farms not only amaze you with their vast scale, but also help you better understand how the people living on the coast toil for a life of luxury. born.

At the end of a long day visiting these places, the sunset will mark your short but emotional journey. For those who love nature and appreciate the soul of unspoiled destinations, they will definitely be attached to these places forever. Bring your backpack to experience the feeling of hiking in the mountains or wandering on sunny and windy roads and share it with us!


Price: 1,100,00đ 1 người: với nhóm từ 2 tới 4 người có thể tự lái xe máy > giá là 800.000đ. Cho mỗi người: với nhóm từ 5 tới 10 người > giá là 700.000đ. Cho mỗi người.

1 day tour of Hang Thung - Ang Dai - Milk oyster farm

8:20 am: Tour guide will pick you up in Cat Ba town, move to Gia Luan commune by motorbike, experience driving a motorbike on a forest road in Cat Ba National Park to reach the hidden valley.

9.00 AM: Spend 1 hour to go Hiking to explore the vegetation in the primeval forest to reach the Thu Cave.
11h00 Noon: Walk to Ang Dai, then spend time exploring, relaxing and having lunch with BBQ dishes.

15:30 PM: Arrive at one of 2 communes of Xuan Dam or Tran Chau, get on a boat to visit Oyster Farm on the coast, you will have the opportunity to enjoy raw oysters there.
17h20 PM: Back to Cat Ba town: The End


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