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Born and grow up in Cat Ba, I have felt the island's soul and witnessed changes that it went through over decades. Used to spend some time studying basketball in Philipines, I deliberated between staying in Philipines to become a professional player or return to Vietnam. As you can see, my choice turned out to be the later ;)

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Tien Anh Tour created Vietnam Kayaking Ventures in Cat Ba island: designed outdoor picnic programs such as exploring the forests and the countryside with people living on the island from long time a go and discovering with activities outdoors such as Trekking in CatBa National Park or kayaking in Halong Bay to help visitors to Cat Ba Island more active. Your adventure when traveling in Cat Ba and HaLong Bay.


About Cat Ba tourism

Feel the soul of Cat Ba island with a trustworthy local. Born and grow up in Cat Ba, I have felt the island's soul and witnessed changes that it went through over decades. Used to spend some time studying basketball in the Philippines, I deliberated between staying in the Philippines to become a professional player or return to Vietnam. As you can see, my choice turned out to be the later ;)

Catba simply has so much to offer. Some friends of mine keep asking me why I don't travel outside more often. In fact, I do ! I have ventured mountains of Vietnam, spent some time in cities and had a blast in Cambodia, but eventually, what keeps me here is various corners and changing vistas of the island. When I get tired or stressed, I can just take my motorbike to swing around new routes and find myself discovering other lovely spots of the area. I can choose between climbing up to a mountain top, inhaling fresh air and savoring sunset. Sometimes, I call my buddies out for a beer near fishing pot or

A changing Cat Ba and my mission against the current. In recent years, Catba has gone under change and many businesses are set up, tightening up its fresh atmosphere. Nevertheless, I still work hard to keep its attractions and charm close to your souls.

Welcome to Catba, my friend !

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Sea Kayaking Tour

Sea kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty, diversity and sheer magnificence of the Catba Island. It is an activity that is relaxing, low stress and suitable for ALL ages. Learn more , discover more.


Boat tour

Vietnam Kayaking Ventures is the only locally operated tour company in Cat Ba island. It provides a unique insight into the island and its people. We know because we live here, wanna discover its now?


Motorbike Tour

Coasteering is an exhilarating combined rock and water activity that can be delivered to every individual level which makes this activity suitable for those with no fear of heights or water as well as those who may not be quite so confident.


Fishing Tour

We can tailor-make our tours to suit your wishes, time or any other special requirements. For example we can provide: Snorkeling Tours, Fishing Tours, and more… Explore now


The Local Name of Cat Ba Island - Cac Ba and Cac Ong


It is said that after the female generals came to Cat Island to station and ordered young adults and men to go to the pristine Cat Island on the sea to station and also the observatory from above. to warn the army and at the same time build battle boats and build boats to help the fishermen settle their lives. As for the mothers and the women who stayed on the island, they planted crops and food, to prepare food to help the men fight off foreign invaders.

So this archipelago was named an island by the local people (Ladies and Gentlemen) To commemorate the great merits of you and the mothers who took care of the food to help you chase away. invaders. After the end of the war against the US, until 1985, many people from other parts of Vietnam came to Co Ba Island to work and have lived here, over time the island has been read differently. is island (Cat Ba and Cat Ong)


Legend of Ha Long Bay

Some legends say that when the Vietnamese people first established their country were invaded by foreign invaders, Ngoc Hoang sent Mother Dragon to bring a herd of Dragons to the earth to help the Vietnamese fight the enemy. Enemy boats from the sea rushed ashore just as the dragons arrived on earth.

The Dragons immediately spewed fire and burned the enemy boats, partially releasing Chau Ngoc creating clouds and the islands built into a wall of stone, causing the enemy boats to crash. After the war ended. The Mother Dragon and the Child Dragon did not return to heaven but stayed on earth, the position where the Mother Dragon landed was Ha Long; The place where the Con Dragon landed was Bai Tu Long and where the tail of the dragons waved white water was Bach Long Vi.


One of the among the beautiful spots about Cat Ba Island, the perspective of locals living on the island. In my free time I usually enjoy driving a motorbike and walking in one of the forests of different locations to enjoy the scenery of the village and Cat Ba National Park. Here are some of the best trekking spots on Cat Ba Island, and you can explore a part of the countryside on the island.


(1)   One of the abandoned grasslands in Hai Son village

(2)  Hien Hao Village (Valley of crops - Here people grow Ginger - Potatoes - Corn)

(3) Tran Chau Village: The area for growing crops on the mountains

(4)  Xuan Dam Village ( Oyster farm stay )

(5)  Cat Don Village ( White jellyfish processing workshop) 

(6) Lan Ha Bay ( The Local Name is Temple of Ba Trai Dao Beaches)

(7) Cat Ba National Park (The Local Name is Van Ta or Hang Sang)

(8)  Ha Long Bay ( The Local Name is Cong Tau island

(9) Ha Long Bay ( The Local Name is Dau Be island - Me Cong Cave)








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(+84) 961.659.936




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