Cat Ba Island Half Day Tour - Coastal Discovery


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Cat Ba Island Half Day Tour - Coastal Discovery

The Cat Ba Islands are surrounded by small limestone islands scattered in the sea with cute shapes. This place is ideal for you to participate in outdoor activities such as rowing. Kayaking and exploring the Caves at sea is the most exciting adventure.

Cat Ba Island Half Day Tour, we have designed the most attractive eco-tour products to explore and experience on Cat Ba island that will help visitors who need to find different types of tourism. tourism. New discovery eco-tour, slightly harder challenge. Next is a journey to explore some caves along the coast of Cat Ba and Oyster Farm on the coast.

Thung cave and Gieng Troi island are located in a rather hidden location, so if you are not a professional, it is difficult to see from the outside. The scenery here will make you overwhelmed by the grandeur and wildness. Coming here, you will forget all the hustle and bustle in life, only the mountains and forests and the sound of oars and entering the water. It makes you feel the peace and tranquility of this place.


Full schedule

13h00 Car picks you up from your hotel in Cat Ba town to the central harbor. Hop on a boat to move to a small isolated island in the sea called Gieng Troi island, then spend time learning basic skills from our guide on how to safely use a kayak. Spend 30 minutes kayaking to explore Gieng Troi island, when you go rowing to the island, you will see 2 cave gates called Luon Cave, then look up, it is likened to the Sky Well in the middle of the sea.


Then return to the boat to move to Thung Cave, enjoy time watching the scenery at the seaside.


14h00: Spend 2 hours kayaking to explore Thung Cave, then move to Milk Oyster Farm, and to one of the pristine beaches, enjoy the natural scenery in the middle of paradise.


16h20: The ship departs back to the central harbor of Cat Ba, enjoying a relaxing time on the deck, with a peaceful sunset view from the sea.

17h30: The boat returns to the central harbor, our driver will take you back to the hotel. And the end of the half day trip.



  • Cruise to the sea
  • Kayaking
  • Guides are enthusiastic, experienced.
  • Scenic ticket.
  • Cars move by tour in Cb
  • 1 free bottle of filtered water on board


  • Personal costs,
  • Tax


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