Cat Ba island : Half day tour to explore Hang Thung

Cat Ba island : Half day tour to explore Hang Thung

If you are a lover of the wild and majestic nature and want to conquer them by yourself, the type of hiking tour combined with motorbike is the best way to satisfy your passion for discovering new lands. friend. In today's article, we will suggest 2 extremely attractive destinations that only need to be spent in half a day. You can discover all the interesting things hidden within them with the form of tourism mentioned above.


Price: With small groups from: 2 to 4 people. $25 per person. Groups of 6 to 10 people. $20 per person.


Cat Ba island

Half day tour to explore Hang Thung


Starting at 8:00am - 11:30 Noon:Or 13h30 pm - 17h00 pm: End.


8:00 am. Departing from the center of Cat Ba town, traveling by motorbike about 25km along the forest roads through Cat Ba National Park will reach Gia Luan commune. From this starting point, a charming landscape picture will appear before your eyes with majestic mountains and extremely rich vegetation. Not only that, this road also brings you many interesting things and mysteries of a semi-mountainous region.


8:50 am: Arrive at the foot of Ang Dai mountain, spend 1 hour exploring by Trekking through a small mountain leading to a hidden valley with an ancient village named Ang Dai in Gia Luan commune. The valley surrounded by the village is a primeval forest with rich vegetation, along with oranges, corn, rice fields and many other seasonal crops grown here.


10h10: Spending 1 hour to explore hiking, you will begin your hiking journey in the middle of the wild forest to reach the destination of Hang Thung, with the landscape of the Thung mountain area still retaining its pristine features, overgrown trees. green. The cave at Thung Mountain with many stalactites was formed in the process of underground water flowing through the rocky mountain.


11:30: Return to Cat Ba Island. Finish the trip.


Service includes.

  • 1 motorbike for 2 people
  • Local guide

Not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Tax